This Room is bright blue.
This Room glows in the dark while we are asleep.
This Room slowly evaporates every day.
This Room moves at the same speed as the clouds
Find other Rooms which exist in this space
This Room gets as wide as an ocean at the other end.
This Room gets very narrow like a point at the other end.
This window is 2000 ft. long.
This window is 2000 ft. wide.
Many rooms,
many dreams,
many countries in the same space
This line is a part of a very large circle.
This is the ceiling.
This is the floor.
S t a y until the Room is blue.

Poem by Yoko Ono, Blue Room Event, 1966
Flipbooks by Joanna Aleksandra Czajka, Flipbook Room Event, 2010



Flipbook 1





Flipbook many

Flipbook 3


Flip 4

Flip 5

Flipbook stay